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With the number of vehicle thefts increasing day by day, one feels vulnerable for the safety of his/her car. These thefts are easily carried out by using very simple everyday objects like hangers to break into car doors with many high end systems installed in cars failing to prevent it from being stolen and none of the stolen vehicles ever found. Therefore, it has become necessary to have a sound security system and the directive of the Supreme Court has made High Security Number Plates mandatory for all the vehicles, new as well as old, to have these plates installed by the year 2014. This is a positive step to curb such thefts incidents in the major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, and Bangalore etc.

High Security Number Plates
as the name suggests aim at providing security to one’s vehicles and its thefts. It is made of 1 mm aluminum, and a registration mark is displayed on the front, rear and the windshield of the cars.  These plates have a 7 digit unique laser code and a self destructive wind shield sticker. Chromium based Chakra Hologram with “IND” is in scripted on these plates as well, while an important feature of these High Security Number Plates is a non- removable snap lock that keeps the plate in its place and any attempt to break it or reuse it is not possible, thus preventing any counterfeiting.

How to get High Security Number Plates installed on your vehicles- To get High Security Number Plates installed on your vehicles as soon as possible follow these steps given below.

  • In order to install High Security Number Plates on a new vehicle, the first and the foremost step is to visit the Local Regional Transport Office (RTO) and contact the Motor Licensing officer. The officer will hand over the approval slip to the owner after checking the documents of the car.
  • The next step is to visit the High Security Registration Plates centre to pay the registration plate charges.
  •  After paying the charges, a date is fixed by transport department for fixing the High security Number Plate and the owner has to turn up on that date at the HSRP centre, where it is a 5 minutes job to install the High Security Number Plates of your vehicle.
  • You can also check the status of your number plate, whether it is prepared or not, by visiting the website of your state transport department.
How to Check the Status of High Security Number Plates Online ?

                                       Installing High Security Number Plate for old vehicles started after June 15, 2012 and the same process is being followed for new vehicles also. The Supreme Court has fixed a deadline of 2 years for all the vehicles to get High Security Number Plates installation. 

These High Security Number Plates provide safety to the cars and prevent vehicle theft that is so easy to accomplish in cars with ordinary number plates. So to exercise safety for your car, go ahead and install High Security Number Plate in your vehicles, as soon as possible.
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